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Deb Duncan

Kalorama Victoria 3766 Australia, Melbourne, Victoria 3766

Life is short but very very wide! and the huge smorgasboard of options is widening by the minute.... making choosing your next trip incredibly often overwhelming. My philosophy on being your travel ambassador is to get to know you! ..where you've been, what rocks your boat, what concerns you about travel, and what will help you it lots of activities? or a number of lazy days by the pool? Fact is .... I am the best search engine you will ever get so I revel in the freedom and time to work 'with' you to widen your travel options, so let's work together and you can tap into my 40 years of travel industry experience and all the destinations I've travelled to, plus all the hundreds of new experiences I receive daily...that could be just your cup of tea! It's all about the depth of the search for you! Let me help you select a trip of a lifetime by sharing our knowledge and experiences and building on them to make YOU the trip expert.

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Phone: 0417 306 867

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