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Jordana Clayton

Blackwood, Adelaide, South Australia 5051

After 18 years in the travel industry working in leisure and corporate areas, Jordy has made her home in Adelaide. She has finally found her feet after living in Sydney and Darwin. Having explored such exotic locations as South America, East Africa and Cuba, Jordy is perfectly qualified to suggest travel itineraries that are rich in unique experiences. Despite her far-flung adventures, Jordarna considers Northern Territory her favourite travel destination. Australia has some of the most iconic travel experiences in the world and she is excited to show you this and more. Jordy’s passion and expertise extend into the realm of fine food and wine, a love which she enjoys sharing with her clients. “The perfect holiday is unique to the person experiencing it... but normally my love for fine food and wine filters into their itineraries!” “Another thing I love is to challenge myself and organise groups." I have for organised school groups for culture, sport or languages, groups for a special birthday, weddings.. you name it. This skill of managing a group only comes with experience. Jordy’s enthusiasm for travel and care for her clients creates exceptional experiences and she is an excellent go-to for life-changing travel itinerary.

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