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Amelia Roth

I have over 7 years' experience in the Travel Industry specialising in Sports, Events and Group Travel – my passion is travelling to watch sport and experiencing what this amazing world has to offer. I have travelled to about 40 countries and I am that person that researches the restaurants in every city before I leave. I specialise in Leisure, Sports and Group Travel. Please contact me to book your International Flights, accommodation, tours, event and sports tickets, travel insurance and above all, the peace of mind that comes with booking through a highly experienced Travel Specialist.
PORT MELBOURNE Victoria 3207 Australia, Melbourne, Victoria 3207
Phone: 61412929477

Bianca Drieberg

I help people escape from their daily grind by making amazing life experiences easier to achieve. I assist my clients to take breaks as a commitment to 'their way'. In ways that feed their soul, has them sleeping better, moving more than sitting at a desk provides, and returning home with more energy. Areas of speciality - active travel (marathon, trekking, cycling, fitness, wellness), adventure, sports, expedition and group travel.
Oakleigh, Melbourne, Victoria 3166

Darren Leckie

I have worked in the travel industry since 1994. Having been to 6 continents (Antarctica is on my list still to do) I have a great personal knowledge of so many places. So if you are looking for a luxury holiday, or you are wanting to backpack around the world, I have the experience to help.
Beechworth, Melbourne, Victoria 3747

Deb Duncan

Life is short but very very wide! and the huge smorgasboard of options is widening by the minute.... making choosing your next trip incredibly often overwhelming. My philosophy on being your travel ambassador is to get to know you! ..where you've been, what rocks your boat, what concerns you about travel, and what will help you it lots of activities? or a number of lazy days by the pool? Fact is .... I am the best search engine you will ever get so I revel in the freedom and time to work 'with' you to widen your travel [...]
Kalorama Victoria 3766 Australia, Melbourne, Victoria 3766
Phone: 0417 306 867

Gaye Findlay

My travel bug which began straight out of year 12 (more than 30 years ago) wasn't passed down from my parents who didn't get their first passports until I was 27 but my husband and I have certainly passed it on to our two children who are both already onto their 3rd passports.I've been asked many times “where is your favourite place to travel” and quite simply, it's impossible to answer - there are too many! I have been fortunate over my 30 years in the travel industry to travel extensively and my favourite memories are the experiences I [...]
Nunawading VIC 3131 Australia, Melbourne, Victoria 3131
Phone: +61418108470

Irene Jones

With over 16 years in the travel industry, I have brought many perfect moments to life, from a proposal in Santorini to a wedding in Hawaii. After travelling across the globe for many years, I have the expertise to ensure that you have a memorable and perfect holiday.
Port Melbourne Victoria Australia, Melbourne, Victoria 3207

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