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Virtuoso recently partnered with Branson’s space travel company, Virgin Galactic, to make a limited number of spaceflight seats exclusively available through Virtuoso advisors. The agreement makes the wonder and awe of space more accessible than ever before for those seeking the ultimate in transformational travel.

Demand is high for spaceflights and Virgin Galactic will fly Future Astronauts in the order which reflects the timing of their reservations – “first-come, first-served.”

  • You’ll enjoy a Future Astronaut community membership
  • Access to exclusive, curated events, trips and activities,including weeks ‘at home’ with Sir Richard Branson and ourannual flagship festival, Space for the Curious
  • A multi-day training and preparation retreat at Spaceport America
  • All-inclusive luxury hospitality for you and up to threeguests during the training and preparation periodbefore flight.
  • A 90-minute sub-orbital spaceflight onboard a Virgin Galacticair-launched spaceship. A runway take-off and landing, Mach3 rocket ride, several minutes of out-of-seat weightlessness,and spectacular views of Earth from space via spaceship’s 17windows.
  • A full media package of images and video from the flight, captured by 16 cameras in the cabin, to allow you to relive and share your experience with the world.
  • You’ll leave Spaceport America with memorabilia and a personalized spacesuit.
  • Seats available in singles, pairs, three or four.

Virtuoso customers enjoy a streamlined application process. Simply request
a unique referral link from your Advisor, submit a short form with basic
information about yourself, and receive an invitation to book a personal
sales call directly with the Virgin Galactic Astronaut Office. The Astronaut
Office will be sure to answer all your questions about spaceflight.
If you decide to make a firm reservation, you will then complete preliminary
paperwork and pay the full $150,000 deposit. At that point, your journey to
space will be confirmed and you’ll be officially welcomed into our global
Future Astronaut community. In the year before you fly, the remaining $300,000 balance and documentation is due.

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