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Alan Riedel

Wangaratta, Murray, Victoria 3677

Can you ever do too much research and planning for a holiday? My first google search after booking flights for my own trip would be "best local food to try in..." followed by a close 2nd " Local attractions in.." Although flights, hotels etc are an important part of travel, what are you mentioning when you talk about your holiday with family and friends, is it the airline or car hire? Or are you remembering the life-changing pizza you had while sitting at a café by the Duomo in Florence?
I can help you with both, well-planned travel itineraries and all the good stuff in between. That's just a little bit of my travel philosophy and how I think travel should be experienced.  Planning holidays is one of my favourite things about working in this industry, and I want to help you create these memorable journeys and have you know you are in experienced and reliable hands. I've been fortunate to have had many amazing travel experiences over the last 20+ years, most I believe have come from researching destinations for my clients and adding them to my personal bucket list. Like visiting Jordan, Galapagos and Iceland, I probably would not have thought of these places as the next destination I wanted to visit without researching and organising a trip for one of my clients first. But these three have been some of the most memorable places I've visited.

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