Arctic Circle and Antarctica

Antarctica is a land of vast white beauty where you experience the harsh and stunning landscapes of snow, ice, water, and rock along with abundant wildlife – seals, penguins, whales and albatross. 

The Arctic Circle is home to pristine landscapes, unique wildlife, local cultures  and the Northern Lights with all its mystical beauty and magic. There is unseen beauty to discover in Lapland, Iceland, Alaska, Russia and Finland. 

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It is the land of frozen adventures and harsh white wilderness. Its mix of snow, ice, ocean and rock is simply stunning, and not for the faint-hearted. The remoteness and extreme cold are unlike anywhere on earth, and while it may feel like nothing could survive those conditions, there is an abundance of wildlife. Travellers can spot migrating whales, brooding penguins, seabirds fishing, seals skittering through the waves. Join a Zodiac boat tour, kayak, or soft-climb an icy peak before sailing back to your hotel onboard a ship.

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Arctic Circle

The Arctic attracts visitors with breathtaking scenery, unique experiences and plentiful wildlife. Snowmobile or dog sled in Lapland, visit Santa in Finland, hope for a glimpse of the spectacular Aurora Borealis, go in search for Polar Bears, experience Inuit culture in Greenland or simply marvel in the floating cultures of blue and white ice.

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