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Central, South, and North America each offer unique experiences from ancient Mayan ruins, the vibrant streets of Brazil, and the culture and arts of New York. North America is the destination for pop culture, arts, and sweeping natural landscapes that are waiting for you to explore. Drive along the iconic Route 66, head to New York for a touch of city life, stroll the beaches of LA, or stand in awe of the Grand Canyon. South and Central America offer an experience of colour, music, wild landscapes, and an exciting nightlight – from the Amazonian rainforest to the throbbing streets of Rio the attractions are diverse.



Asia is a land of mystique, adventure, modern cities, and ancient landmarks. Whether you are searching for thriving cities with sleek skyscrapers, or pristine isolated beaches, there is a destination perfect for your holiday. Make sure your destination list includes the Great Wall of China, temples of Angkor, a trek through Nepal, or tropical escape in Bali, Thailand or Vietnam. India and Sri Lanka offer chances for spiritual experiences, and ancient Unesco World Heritage Sites.


Australasia & South Pacific

Whatever experience you are searching for, you will find it in Australasia and the South Pacific. Australia is the land of mountains, reefs, deserts, and beaches with white sands and stunning oceans. New Zealand is a land where adventure awaits from white water sports, bungee jumping, skiing, and snow-capped mountains waiting to be climbed. The island nations of Fiji, Vanuatu, Tahiti, and Samoa offer pristine beaches, private resorts, and untouched landscapes.



It could take a lifetime to explore and experience everything Europe has to offer. From its amazing history, varied beauty, rich artistic talents, and world-famous cultural landmarks. Where to start when destinations such as Athens, Venice, Paris, and London are on the map. Let’s not forget the rugged beauty of Scotland, Ireland, and the stark peaks of the Alps. For a unique experience plan a trip to vast country that is Russia, or the mystical Black Forest in Germany, or exploring the picturesque streets of Czech Republic.



Africa is the land of safaris, wild landscapes, and The Big Five. This is where people come to catch a glimpse of elephants, hippos, leopards, rhino, and lions – not to mention the gorillas, chimpanzees, and herds of buffalo. As famous as the animals are the landscapes such as the dunes of the Namib Desert, the savannah of the Serengeti, and the natural beauty of the deserts of Egypt. When you have finished taking safari across Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Kenya be sure to visit Egypt to see the epic pyramids, the stoic Sphinx, and the markets of Morocco.


Arctic and Antarctic

The Arctic is a land of vast white beauty where you experience the harsh and stunning landscapes of snow, ice, water, and rock. Antarctica is the jewel of this region, with many cities in Lapland to visit, there is untold beauty to discover in Iceland, Alaska, Russia and Finland. The Arctic is home to the Northern Lights with all its mystical beauty and magic.