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Katrina Carichini

Abbotsford NSW, Australia, Sydney, New South Wales 2046

My name is Katrina Carichini, and exploring the world has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can recollect. From cherished family holidays during my childhood to embarking on solo adventures and traveling with friends, my wanderlust has taken me to 20 different countries, where I have also had the opportunity to work in five nations.

Throughout my 12-year tenure as a travel consultant, I have amassed a wealth of travel knowledge, which I am eager to share with you. I am committed to ensuring that we tailor the perfect experience for you, whether you seek a swift escape, a memorable family holiday, a grand cruise across the globe, or an indelible encounter with diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes, I am here to assist.

So, why not reach out to me and discover how I can assist you in creating unforgettable travel memories?

Contact Information
Mobile: 0432 846 314

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