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Paayal Chew

Hurlstone Park, Sydney, New South Wales 2193

Born in the sun-kissed islands of Fiji, I grew up with adventure in my veins and a thirst for exploring new horizons. New Zealand nurtured my love for nature, while Australia became my home, embracing the vibrant multicultural tapestry. My family, a blend of Fijian-Indian, Thai and Chinese influences, instilled in me a deep appreciation for delicious food and exquisite experiences.

With over 18 years in the travel industry, I've curated countless memorable journeys for families and individuals like you. Whether you seek luxurious escapes with your loved ones or solo adventures bursting with discovery, I specialize in crafting personalised itineraries that exceed expectations.

Just back from Japan, the image of me soaking in a magical snowy Onsen is still fresh in my mind. It's these transformative moments that fuel my passion and inspire me to design unique experiences for each traveller.

Beyond being a travel expert, I'm also a mum of two, understanding the nuances of traveling with children. So, rest assured, whether you're planning a romantic getaway or a family adventure, I'll navigate the details seamlessly, ensuring everyone in your group creates lasting memories.

Contact Information
Mobile: 0403714521

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