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Susie Myers

Woolloomooloo, Sydney, New South Wales 2011

Travel is the means to exploring both new places and yourself in varied surroundings and “investing in yourself as a global citizen”. It enables you to “set sail” for new horizons and return richer by far for the experience. During my career spanning now 40 years in the industry I have explored may points of the globe yet still have more “to see, savour and share”. <My passion to learn and impart the secret “wow moments” to my valued clients has only increased with my own personal experience in finding and enjoying my own “wows” over the years. Travel is a privilege and to design the experience is a gift and an honour to then collaborate with my clients to deliver “their experience their way”. &nbsp; Let us work together to enjoy that next horizon near or far and the special investment in “your own global experience”. I might just know what you don’t know yet should know but won’t know by searching online."The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.

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Phone: 0414 675 485

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