MTA Professional Plus

Take your business to the next level with MTA Professional Plus

What is MTA Professional Plus?

  • A comprehensive online travel knowledge program made up of 11 pathways, 3 levels per pathway
  • Exclusively for MTA Members and at no extra cost
    to you!
  • Once completed you can market yourself as an
    “MTA Certified Travel Professional”

See what other MTA Travel Experts are saying

Nerida Obrian

"After more than 10 years going back and forth with the idea, I joined MTA and I have been able to fulfil my dream of being a home based agent. I really wish I made the decision to move earlier, as it has allowed me to work doing what I love, and an equally stable work/life balance."

Nerida O'Brian

Nadia Murphy

"Operating my own business in partnership with MTA has given me the freedom to be the best Travel Agent I can. I have complete control of my time, focus & energy. This, along with the high level of support & community offered by MTA allows me to consistently grow & develop my skills, knowledge & most excitedly my business. I didn’t anticipate how good it would feel to truly be in control of my working world – I love it!"

Nadia Murphy

Lina Barakat

“Don’t waste time if you want the freedom of running a business. What you get out of the MTA family you won’t be able to get from other agencies. You gain recognition from MTA management and get amazing support and assistance that gives your start-up entity the legitimacy it needs. I feel a part of a family while I didn't even feel that way when I worked for a physical agency with other staff members."

Lina Barakat