Sherpa technology

Real-time information on travel restrictions & COVID testing requirements

Life doesn’t happen standing still.

Ever-changing travel restrictions, different guidelines for every country, complex rules and regulations—it’s a lot to navigate.

Real-time information

Without proper documentation or tests, travellers risk being denied boarding. That’s why MTA Advisors use Sherpa to improve the customer experience and give every customer the confidence to plan, book and travel again.

Sherpa provides real-time information on the latest travel restrictions, COVID-19 testing requirements and quarantine measures.

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Frequently asked questions

Where does the data come from?

Data is pulled in from trusted official government sources and from trusted 3rd parties such as airlines.

What does the tool do?

The interactive map tells you everything you need to know about a trip taking place during COVID-19 restrictions:

  • Do I need to be vaccinated?
  • Do I need to have a negative COVID-19 test?
  • What are the quarantine rules at my destination?
  • Can I travel to my destination?
Can my clients access up to date information while they're away?

Yes! You can send your clients a link to an online report or you can add a link into an MTA Companion itinerary. When the online report is opened it will show the latest travel restrictions or requirements.

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