An app for making yourself at home

An App For Making Yourself At Home

onefinestay is pioneering handmade hospitality by offering a unique new category of upscale accommodation, giving discerning guests the chance to stay in the finest homes with an attentive service. For those of you who have already had the privilege of staying with onefinestay – whether in London, Paris, New York or Los Angeles – you’ll know that they are all about providing you with the creature comforts of a hotel – like pristine sheets, towels, toiletries, and a personal welcome – within the setting of a private home.

A key feature of their service is the iPhone that awaits guests upon arrival. You’re free to use it for unlimited local calls, data, and the ability to reach the company’s 24/7 guest services team at the touch of a button should you need to during your stay.

The iPhone is the perfect tool for today’s independent traveller (after all, many of us would be lost even in our home city without Maps), and the one you’re lent during your onefinestay also comes pre-loaded with the company’s unique app. Formulated to make it simple to navigate the home’s features as well as explore the neighbourhood while you’re in town, the onefinestay app is brilliantly designed to help you settle in seamlessly when visiting a city.

The people at onefinestay have visited each home and taken time to get to know how everything works – so you don’t have to. The app’s home handbook is loaded with all of the nous and know-how they’ve collected, an invaluable resource for working an unfamiliar washing machine or adjusting the heating.

When you’ve made yourself at home, the app encourages a spot of neighbourhood exploration prompted by recommendations from the home’s owner as well as other onefinestay hosts in the area.  Whilst you won’t meet your host, reading through their personal take on the highlights of the city can often make you feel that they’re an old friend. Sorting through everything from well-regarded restaurants to secret parks, you can ‘favourite’ the ones you want to visit to create your own experience.

While the recommendations might entice you far from home, you’ll never be lost – the app knows where you’re staying and helps your find your way back. The necessities are covered too, with details and directions for the closest amenities at hand to ensure that not a moment of your trip is wasted on researching the basics.

With a piece of technology, a website or an app for everything these days, those personal touches that often make travel special and memorable appear under threat. At onefinestay though, you’ll receive a personal welcome on arrival and have the assurance that you can reach their local team by phone at any time of the day or night. And guess what? You can use the app for that.