Join the river cruise revolution

Join The River Cruise Revolution

We’re into Week Two of CLIA’s #ChooseCruise Month and this week it’s all about river cruising.

With more and more travellers discovering the delights of a river cruise holiday, it’s no surprise it’s one of the fastest growing cruise sectors among Australians and Kiwis, but it’s also booming around the world.

From the Mississippi to the Mekong, the world’s rivers are becoming the hottest way to transport tourists in search of a new, relaxing way to travel. There is something so blissful about exploring Europe via its medieval highways, each day disembarking in another picturesque riverside town to explore its cobblestoned streets or hilltop castles.

The leisurely cruise along the Rhine and Danube from Hungary to the Netherlands via Austria and Germany has long been a favourite with travellers offering an irresistible combination of quaint medieval villages and beautiful European cities.

The Seine and the Rhone in France offer endless chances to indulge in fine French wine and cuisine while visiting charming riverside towns such as Lyon and Rouen.

Due to their smaller size, river cruise vessels offer an intimate travel experience with many benefits. For some, it’s nice only cruising with 100 other guests and for others, it’s the thrill of being able to park in the heart of cities such as Paris and Amsterdam that is most appealing.

Considered a niche sector only a few years ago, river cruising is rapidly on the rise and with new ships, new itineraries, new themes and new destinations constantly being introduced, Australians and Kiwis love affair with river cruising is only expected to grow.