Virtuoso Life | A Five-Star Welcome Around the World

Virtuoso Life A Five Star Welcome Around The World

He wears a snazzy uniform and many metaphorical hats, from greeter to weatherman, personal valet, information desk, and who knows what else. You’ll meet more than a few of these friendly faces in this issue of Virtuoso Life. When we asked Virtuoso travel advisors and hoteliers around the world for their recommendations for stand-out doormen, I was surprised at how many had snapped their own iPhone pictures of these hotel staffers. It just shows that a hotel is a cornerstone of almost every trip – and it’s not only the place, but the people who make a trip memorable.

In the issue

18: Let Me Get That For You
Around the world, hotel doormen make grand entrances their business

28: All In The Family
These privately owned European hotels offer a personal definition of hospitality

36: From Paris With Love
City of Light hoteliers reflect on their worlds

42: Life Without Borders
Three neighbourhoods that define Berlin 25 years after reunification

50: African Queen
A triple-decker river barge offers a different view of the African savanna

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