Behind the scenes with an MTA Advisor – Danielle Lawson

Danielle Lawson Cropped

Danielle Lawson’s passion for travel and dedication to providing unparalleled experiences to clients were the driving forces behind her decision to start her own travel business. 

She chose to be a part of MTA because she says it was a natural fit due to its reputation for empowering agents with autonomy while offering a fully-inclusive support system. 

The MTA network provided Lawson with the flexibility to tailor her services to individual client needs while benefiting from the credibility and resources associated with the reputable network.

Speaking to TravelTalk, Lawson said the benefits of being an MTA Advisor are multifaceted. 

“Our Business Development Managers are a great resource to bounce ideas off or to sense check business ideas. 


“Our Support team takes so much of the mid-office admin off my hands while our Assistance team is there to look after my clients for me if I’m away,” Lawson said.

“Our Product team provides insights into exclusive offerings and negotiates favourable rates for us, and Marketing helps me with resources to ensure I stay front of mind for my clients, leaving me to focus on delivering exceptional service to my clients.”

The benefits aren’t limited to the agent. It’s helpful for travellers, too.

“Clients booking through me as an MTA Advisor enjoy personalised attention and access to a vast network of resources. 

“They benefit from my first hand travel knowledge and expertise gathered over years in the industry in curating bespoke travel experiences, coupled with the backing of MTA’s support infrastructure,” Lawson said.

“From seamless booking processes to tailored recommendations and ongoing assistance, clients can expect a level of service that exceeds their expectations.”

“I’ve been able to establish trust and credibility within my community, leading to sustained business growth.

“With MTA taking the title of “Most Outstanding Mobile Travel Network” at last year’s 2023 NTIA awards this has also helped my credibility being affiliated to an award winning network’.



Lawson said despite not operating a “traditional brick-and-mortar agency”, she’s able to bring services to her clients, whether that’s through in-person consultations, phone calls, or digital communications.

“By leveraging technology and personalised attention, I ensure that my clients receive a tailored experience from start to finish, creating memories that last a lifetime. Being that it’s my business I have a vested interest in making sure that each and every client has a great experience,” she said.

Lawson said she built up her MTA business with a combination of getting word out through her existing network, word-of-mouth referrals, and strategic marketing. 

“By consistently delivering exceptional service and cultivating strong relationships with clients, I’ve been able to establish trust and credibility within my community, leading to sustained business growth.”


Lawson’s career so far has been an adventure. 

“I once found myself planning itineraries and booking accommodations while on a Norwegian Fjords cruise. Despite the unconventional setting and remoteness, I was able to access a reliable internet connection and our MTA Virtual Office allows me to work from anywhere so I was able to ensure my clients received uninterrupted service,” she said.

She also recalls one memorable request was from a client who wanted to visit all the filming locations of their favourite soap opera. 

“It was a delightful challenge to coordinate their itinerary across multiple cities, ensuring they got the full “soap opera experience” while maintaining a sense of humour throughout the planning process,” she laughed.

Lawson’s advice for anyone interested in becoming an MTA Advisor is simple.

“Immerse yourself in the world of travel, stay updated on industry trends, and never stop learning.”

“Building a successful career as a travel advisor requires passion, dedication, and a genuine desire to create unforgettable experiences for clients. Embrace technology, work on your communication skills, and never underestimate the power of personalised service in an increasingly digital world.”

credit: TraveltalkMag