MTA’s Karen Merricks makes the 2023 Women in Travel Power List

Karen 2023

The 2023 Women in Travel Power List is put together by Travel Weekly and considers four main criteria including:

1. Looking at the size and health of the travel organisation of which the woman is a part of;
2. The importance of the work that they do within the travel industry;
3. How their work has impacted and influenced the general workings/economics of the travel industry;
4. The arc of the woman’s career – how they have gotten to where they are today. They also look at look at how each woman is using her power to help inclusivity and equality. 

MTA’s Co-Founder and Managing Director, Karen Merricks, has secured a spot in the TOP 20 POWER LIST 2023 at the Women in Travel Awards by Travel Weekly! 🏆

Being a pioneer in the home-based model for travel agents, Karen envisioned what has become a thriving trend in the industry today. Back in 2000, she laid the foundation for MTA – Mobile Travel Agents as a family business, and it has since grown to encompass over 450 mobile travel agents nationwide.

Well done to Karen Merricks and MTA for making waves in the travel industry!