CLIA Mobile Agent of the Year nomination ‘clean sweep’

Clia Mobile Agent Of The Year Nomination Clean Sweep

MTA – Mobile Travel Agents has achieved a ‘clean sweep’ with one of its Members guaranteed to win a Cruise Lines International Association award following Maxine Adams, Caroline Ferguson and Tracey Flower’s taking all three spots in the 2016 CLIA ‘Home Based/Mobile Cruise Agent of the Year Award’ nominations.

Congratulating all three Members on their success, MTA CEO, Don Beattie said the triple nomination demonstrated the depth of quality and expertise within the MTA membership.

“MTA has always been able to attract travel experts who are dedicated to satisfying their customers with the best products from our wonderful cruise partners,” Mr Beattie said.

“Added to this we have a fantastic, very dedicated Head Office Cruise Support Team which we have continued to expand due to the amount of business growth we have experienced over a number of years.

“To say we are delighted with this year’s CLIA result would be an understatement.

“This recognition builds wonderfully on the CLIA result MTA achieved last year when two of our Members were nominated in the final three, with the eventual winner being MTA’s Wendy Allen.”

The CLIA Cruise Supplier nomination category is based on sales volume, sales growth, marketing efforts, attendance at training and overall product support throughout the year.

Adding even further weight to the company’s ever-growing strength in the cruise sector, five MTA Members – Wendy Allen, Douglas Trenham, Michelle Connolly, Rachael Chartres and Rhona Rodgers (MTA Cruise/Wholesale Product Manager) – have also recently achieved CLIA Cruise Master Accredited Cruise Consultant status.

Acknowledging this achievement, Mr Beattie said this was a further validation of how MTA Members continue to demonstrate the company’s cruise credentials and how MTA fully supports its members to achieve these meaningful industry accreditations.

“We strongly believe in ensuring that we provide a continuous learning environment to supplement our Members travel expertise to ensure cruise customers only ever receive the highest level of cruise travel advice.

“We would like to thank everyone involved with CLIA for their assistance to MTA.”